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How to Buy Fish Bone embroidered Bag Online

Why is a fishbone embroidery bag so popular among school kids? Let's take a look into various cultures and learn what secret they hold for the fishbone structure.

Unlike other symbols, fishbone symbol holds a reference directly to the biblical parable of the bread and the fish and symbolizes ingenuity and unmistakable faith for which it is intended

In Native American culture

Fish, and especially salmon, are viewed by some northwest tribes as a sign of longevity and wisdom. In some different legends, fish symbolizes moving figures controlling the “water element”.

The fish also symbolizes inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy for the ancient Celts. They believe that the salmon derive their wisdom by absorbing the hazelnuts of sacred knowledge. So, eating salmon means inheriting science.

In Chinese and Japanese culture

Koi fish are given by the Chinese in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of fertility, devotion, and happy marriage because they often swim in pairs.

He was as brave as the samurai warriors, whose fish swam in the Japanese climbing rivers and waterfalls. Over the years they have given him several positive qualities such as courage and strength. Buy fish bone embroidered bag online from reputable merchandise service provider.

In Greek culture

According to their mythology, Aphrodite was able to avoid dangerous events by sailing in fish form.

In the Bible and Christianity

Here a fish is accepted as a sign of Christ's faith, mercy, and abundance. A biblical story tells how Christ fed 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to his 5,000 disciples and called them "fishers of men". Originally the fish symbol was used by the Romans and Greeks as a sign of fertility. Christians in the first century made an acrovise from the word "Ichthys"(“Fish” in Greek word), and it is "Jesus Christ Teu Jos Soter", which means Jesus Christ, Son of God, Redeemer. In Jesus' day, fish, a common staple food, influenced early Christians to use it as a secret code word, especially to avoid the persecution of their beliefs. Christian fish, which is widely used by Catholics, is usually a small cross-breed fish.

In many pagan traditions, fish is seen as a sign of female fertility with a constant flow of water symbolizing the "divine mother".

Fishbone embroidered bags can be your protector in schools because you never know, a spirit might reside just beside you!.  What are you waiting for? Buy a fishbone embroidered bag online today and protect yourself!
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