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The Best Funny Fishing Hoodies

A hoodie is essentially a sweatshirt that has a hood attached to it which has a drawstring attached to help adjust the hoodie's opening when you wear it around your head. Worn on days when the weather isn’t warm or sunny, it helps keep the upper body warm and has a kangaroo pouch for you to put your hands in among other items such as keys or cards.  

The hood is attached to keep your head dry on rainy days and serves to close off any wind blowing into your neck and ears. Fishing hoodies are specifically designed for people who spend their days in hot weather conditions or extremely cold weather conditions. On hot days, these fishing hoodies help protect the skin and neck by having SPF 50+ in the fabric materials to protect against sunburn. 

If your looking for the best fishing merchandise, then we dug into the top 10 best funny fishing hoodies that we could find below:


The Top 10 Best Funny Fishing Hoodies

Fishing hoodies are one of the items on the fishing apparel list, and here is a list of the top 10 best funny fishing slogan hoodies:



1. Did I catch you at a bad time?

This hoodie is made from solid colors and is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester; Heather gray: 78% Cotton, 22% Polyester; Dark Heather: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.

It can be machine washed in cold water with the same colors and can be dried on low heat. It has a classic fit with a Twill-taped neck.



2. Don’t take the bait

This hoodie is made from 100% Polyester and is machine washable. 

It also gives UPF 50+ protection which provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. The hoodie is used to prevent the neck from getting sunburned should you spend your day in the sun. It also includes a thumb hole that keeps the sleeve fixed and provides extra sun protection. 

Made with a unique design and using material that does not shrink. The technical fabric absorbs sweat and is breathable and is quick-drying. The quick-drying fabrics keep you dry, cool, and comfortable and resist odors. 

This hoodie is lightweight as it is made from polyester and is soft and smooth. It is breathable, and moisture-wicking, and quick-drying as well as two-way air circulation. 

The collar has no label and increases the comfort of wearing it.  

  • UV protection (UPF 50+) 
  • Long sleeves suitable for any outdoor activity. 
  • Can be hand washed and machine washed. 

This hoodie is made from 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex, making it a 4-way stretch fabric. It uses UPF 50+ fabric for maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB Rays. The streamlined hood provides greater sun protection over your neck and ears; It also has built thumbholes that are designed to keep sleeves in place. The hidden zippered side pocket is big enough to keep your personal belongings such as your card and keys. 

There are mesh panels on the two sides of the body and the hat that enhances ventilation which pulls moisture away from the skin and keeps you dry. 

Can be worn for any outdoor activities such as fishing.



3. By hook or by crook

This hoodie is made especially for fishermen, as they are designed through performance engineering and uses technical gear that is made to fuel your passion. It is designed with an anti-microbial treatment that inhibits and kills the growth of odor which causes micro- organisms. It also includes special fibers that transport sweat away from the skin and use synthetic materials that allow for air to pass through to create superior breathability. This hoodie is also created using a stain-resistant treatment that keeps stains from sticking to the material and is easy to wash out. 

Pros of this hoodie: 

  • Back Ventilation
  • 50+UPF 
  • 100% Polyester 

This hoodie is made from 100% microfiber. This leaves it feeling ultra-soft. It gives protection from the sun with an SPF UPF UV of 50+. It has a moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry while wearing the hoodie. It is a lightweight material that you can wear all day while fishing. Designed with radical sleeves which allows for comfort and does not limit any movement.



4. I’ve got bigger fish to fry

This hoodie is made with 100% Other Fibers and has an Omni Shade which protects against UVA and UVB rays by blocking them out to help prevent sunburns and long-term skin damage. It is also tightly woven with UV absorbent yarns to help block the full spectrum of harmful UV Rays. 

The Omni- wick manages the moisture as it quickly moves moisture from the skin into the fabric where it spreads across the surface to quickly evaporate leaving you feeling cool and dry. This long sleeve hoodie is designed to have a relaxed fit while you are out fishing.



5. You bass-tard

This hoodie is made from 100% Polyester and is machine washable. It has a silky and breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin leaving you feeling dry and cool as it is quick-drying and lightweight. The fabric also has a UPF 50+ rating to protect your skin from UVA/ UVB Rays. 

Made for comfort, its flatlock seams, and a no-tag collar minimize friction on the skin when wearing it, The hoodie is designed to prevent your neck from burning in the sun and the thumbholes help keep the sleeves in place and give extra coverage when out in the sun. A great hoodie to have when you are out fishing.



6. What kind of music you want to listen to? Something catchy?

This hoodie has a rating of UPF 50 Sun Protection and has a Stretch- Flex Fabric. Made to be lightweight, breathable, and super soft against the skin. The neckline also provides optimal coverage and has a streamlined hood that fits slim and has a layer under the hat to provide protection over your neck and ears. This hoodie can be worn for any outdoor activities, including fishing.



7. Where do fish sleep? In a riverbed

This hoodie is made from 96/4 Polyester/Spandex performance blend material that has a two-way stretch and a fleece inner lining. Can be worn all day to keep you comfortable and protected while fishing whether inshore, saltwater, or freshwater. It also has a drawcord hood, a kangaroo pocket, and a smooth outer surface.



8. Wanna play with my sword?

This hoodie is machine washable and has UPF 50 Sun Protection. The built- in- hood makes it easy to cover your head for complete sun protection. The moisture-wicking material helps regulate body temperature by keeping you cool and dry all day while wearing the hoodie without getting any sunburn. It is made with 92% polyester and 8% Spandex and is machine washable in warm water and tumble dried with low heat.



9. The worst day fishing is still better than the best day working

This witty hoodie is just what every fishing lover dreams to have. Imagine wearing this to work, you will definitely give all your work friends a kick. This premium quality hoodie features a funny slogan paired with some art work to give it a casual yet trendy look. Considering the basic colours that this warm hoodie comes in, you can wear it in numerous ways ranging from a day to day look and even a look you can wear during a night out with your friends. Blue jeans is the perfect go to combo for this! Not only that but it most definitely will keep you super warm due to its traditional hoodie design.



10. Stay healthy take vitamin sea

Don’t you just want to burst out laughing when you read this hilarious slogan. Imagine walking in the grocery store and people read this, it will definitely brighten up their day. This statement piece of clothing features a bold slogan stating “stay healthy, take vitamin sea,” this is the perfect go to gift for fishing lovers, during Christmas, their birthday, or holidays. Moreover, the hoodie is extremely functional too considering its top of the line design, it is made of premium quality fabric which enables the user to stay warm when they are out on their fishing expeditions.


Are You Ready To Get Cozy in These Funny Hoodies?

This article dives into the top 10 best funny fishing slogan hoodies that fishermen can wear when on a trip fishing, it also goes into detail about how each hoodie is different from the other and the unique qualities that make them must-haves! Don’t hesitate to find your favorite funny fishing slogan hoodie and rock it among other fishermen while you are waiting to reel in the perfect catch. These entertaining hoodies are specifically designed to make the sport more comfortable and to help you do what you love a little longer no matter the weather. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to check the website to check out our other funny fishing apparel such as hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more.

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