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The Top 20 Best Camping Gifts for Camping Lovers

Camping is all about going away from the city and living in nature for a while. If you are looking to get some fresh air, want to reduce some stress, or want to focus on your fitness outside the gym, it is the perfect spot to go to! Camping is something through which you can strengthen your relationships. And Oh! How lovely it is to wake up to the sound of the birds chirping rather than our local alarm clocks.

Christmas is just around the corner and if there is someone you know who is crazy about camping then, get them some of these heartfelt camping Christmas gifts that will surely make them laugh. So, if you are someone looking for some cool camping gifts inspirations then you are at the right place!


The Top 20 Best Gifts For Camping 2022

Well, the list given below is your ultimate guide for giving your loved ones some funny and luxury camping gifts that they can enjoy and can also use in their everyday life. You can use these as camping father’s day gifts, camping gifts for mom, kids camping gifts, and anyone. You can give these unique camping gifts and make their camping experience memorable. These are not your cool camping gear gift but really funny camping gifts which make them a perfect gift for camping lovers.


The Funniest Camping Hoodies 

Camp Home Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

1. Home Is Where You Camp Hoodie

Camping theme gifts are always alluring, cute, amazing, filled with fun, and just happy. These gifts have slogans on them that are really relatable and still are funny that makes everyone laugh. But, sometimes they can get a bit sentimental as well. Like this one “Home is where you camp” This slogan is definitely the real feeling of a camp lover and if you give them the exact words of how they feel about their camping hobby then I guess there would be no other gift they want.

A hoodie is simply a thick sweatshirt with a cap or a head cover called a hoodie. These hoodies are really high quality, warm and soft. They are perfect if you want to go out somewhere in winter or for the chilly camping nights. This product is amazing for both.

This hoodie gives a homey feeling even when you are out in the woods camping. This is a perfect outfit for workouts and is one of the best cover ups. If you are cold just wear this hoodie on top of your clothes. It also goes well with other outfits and is amazing to wear where comfort is required. This hoodie cannot be worn at every occasion as this is only specific for casual events. You cannot wear it for formal events or meetings. Some people think hoodie reflects negativity depending on the place or time and it can also give a bad impression that you wore it to hide tiny items in your pockets.


Coffee Drinker Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

2. Just Another Coffee Drinker With A Camping Problem Hoodie

This hoodie is a perfect camping gift for her. The slogan “Just another coffee drinker with a camping problem” defines someone who loves coffee and at the same time loves camping. This means they cannot live without both things. It is a perfect gift for a camping and coffee lover, who takes coffee to get energetic and then go on adventures.

It is a top that has a flap to cover your head. It can be zipped and without zip. The fabric of this hoodie is really comfy as if it is hugging you; these hoodies are really warm and do not make the skin itchy. The colors are perfect and these can be worn on a daily basis to a shopping spree or whenever you want to feel comfortable. Hoodies are perfect if you are going for a mysterious look and they also save you from cold nights. They can be worn to any casual place, even a shopping mall. Girls love hoodies as they are comfy, easy and stylish to wear. You do need to put in effort when wearing a hoodie. They can give bad vibes to other people as they hide almost half of your face. Even though hoodies provide tight hugs, they are also not appropriate for every occasion and can make you look negative.


Camping Dad Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

3. I'm Camping, Dad… Just Like A Normal Dad Except Much Cooler Hoodie

This one is the best camping gift for dad that you can include in father’s day camping gift ideas as well. Or you can give it to someone who just became a dad recently. This is perfect for a dad who loves camping and is way cooler than the normal dad.

Hoodies are great for winter and if the material is light then they are great for summers too. You can go shopping in it, go out for camping, of course, can also go for a run in the morning and the list goes on. You just need sweatpants or maybe jeans depending on your mood and you can rock the look.

These hoodies keep you warm. They are very comfortable and can be worn anywhere. They are light, airy, and go with almost every dress. They provide you a stylish look and are easy to wear as they usually do not require ironing, which saves time. Once you step foot into a professional or formal setting, hoodies are considered as really bad as they are not at all appropriate for official meetings or formal places. Then by wearing a hoodie you give off a mysterious vibe, which unfortunately not everyone likes.


Social Distancing Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

4. Social Distancing… Say No More Hoodie

Social distancing… Say no more is a perfect camping gift for camping couples. This gift highlights the COVID-19 situation which has caused us to stay away from our loved ones. You can gift this to your couple of friends who are still to get married and people who are socially distant to bring a laugh.

The hoodie features a humorous message that will touch the heart of any and all camping lovers. It is great for the winters, especially when it is chilly out. This hoodie is what will keep you or your loved ones warm! The fabric does not allow cold to pass through it which is an added bonus.

The hoodie can be carried anywhere and are perfect when you want to decorate your look. Being a camping enthusiast, you can get these hoodies a gift for someone and let them wear it to their next camping trip or out anywhere. This will definitely make anyone who wears it stand out and they will also make others laugh! This hoodie is made with the purpose of keeping the body warm, so i is not exactly the best gift to give anyone in the summer time or if they live in a hot area. 


Camping Shirts for Camp Side Lovers 

The Forest Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - Outdoors Thrill

5. May The Forest Be With You Shirt

It is the best women camping gift you will get your hands on. You need the forest to be with you to camp in a lovely environment and that is what this shirt means. Every camping lover would know the perfect and best camping experience requires the forest conditions to support you; the air, space, and all should go well together for a perfect experience.

This shirt is really high in quality. The fabric is so soft and amazing to feel. Then its print does not fade at all. If you want premium quality gifts then this is the one. You can wear it regularly in your home, and you can wear it for shopping. You can wear it for camping of course. You can also style it with jeans, sweatpants, trousers and even a cool cardigan or jacket on top.

Shirts are amazing and really comfy to wear. When we talk about camping then it is the most comfortable attire one can wear. It is best for a relaxing evening outside our comfort zone but still staying in it. It is simple and cool and also goes with almost everything. They look quite smart and go best for a casual camping look. This shirt is perfect for camping as that is not a casual meeting or something but if you are going for a meeting or formal activity then this shirt is not a good thing to wear as it gives a relaxed and casual vibe. They can easily convert into loungewear when worn with sweatpants and can also get wrinkly, making you look sloppy.


Camp Goer Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

6. Shut Up And Take Me Camping Shirt

Shut up and take me camping is a really good camping gift. This shirt says it all about the product and even your message. Anyone who is wearing this means that Hey! Fellas, please take me camping, I’m done here!

It is a garment for the top body usually made out of cotton fabric with sleeves. These shirts are really comfortable and perfect to wear anywhere. Especially, if you are going camping you can buy these shirts in two colors and make two teams to play games against each other and have a blast. You can also pair them up with trousers or jeans or with anything.

Shirts are really comfy and versatile. These can be worn for any casual occasion. They can be paired up with any outfit and can also be used to wear and lay around the house. They are thin which makes them perfect for a summer weather outing and they also look really cool with slogans on them. The main drawback of shirts is that they cannot be worn in a professional atmosphere. If there is a gala or even a conference, you cannot show up in your shirt. Then depending on the fabric, they can wrinkle up quite easily, making a bad impression of not ironed clothes.


Stay Wild Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

7. Be Brave Run Free And Stay Wild Shirt

Being brave , running free and staying in the wild shirt is a really fun camping gift. This gift definitely gives up a motivational vibe to the person who has this. They can be brave, they can have their freedom and if they love camping, they can also and can be wild there. They can do anything they want or love, that just simply depends on them.

This shirt is really high quality and the slogan on it is on the next level! This fabric is really great and does not itch at all. There are air passages given at the back of the shirt to prevent air blockage. You can pair it up with jeans and even sweat pants.

Wearing “Be brave, run free and stay wild” is very beneficial, especially in hot sunny weather and outside when camping. These shirts are perfect to protect yourself from the sun during the sunny day and also save your skin from getting sunburn. In open air activities like camping, we face cold, rain, snow, wind, and whatnot. There are not many disadvantages when it comes to wearing “Be brave, run free and stay wild”. If you sweat a lot and wear it for your camping trip and do not remove it early or in between.


Camping Memories Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

8. Making Memories One Campsite At A Time Shirt

One of the best camping gifts for couples that you can ever give them. This one is perfect to wish someone who loves camping to make memories and to tell them to enjoy their time there. This is basically a milestone type of shirt that with every milestone or campsite you visit will encourage you or the person to go to the next one. It is quite an interesting shirt for traveling and gifting.

The shirt is made out of high quality fabric that is not only the best for camping but good for other places too. These shirts are perfect for a day out as their fabric allows perspiration to evaporate and also these are very good in feel and fit perfectly. You can pair them up with jeans, skirts or even sweats.

Shirts are essential for camping. These are trendy and make you look classy and alluring at the same time. They provide shade from different types of weather and even block out dust and dirt from entering your body. They also help with protecting your skin from skin cancer and can also help with preventing serious illnesses. While this shirt is high quality, the only downfall is that you cannot wear it to formal events, because let's face it- who wears a tee shirt to a fancy event right?


Camping Feelings Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - Outdoors Thrill

9. Camping Makes Me Happy…You Not So Much Long Sleeve Shirt

Couples and teasing go hand in hand. This is what this shirt is meant for. It is the accurate camping gift for a couple who loves giving each other fun camping gifts for Christmas or birthday parties or even anniversaries. This cute camping gift with the slogan is a perfect tease for your other half.

The sarcasm is there and you can even take a couple of photos with the shirt while making funny and cute faces at each other. It has a really great feel to it and the quality is literally amazing. It is perfect for any outing and you can wear it with a skirt, jeans and even with your bikini on a beach. While boys can wear it with any clothing.

Well, shirts are all classy and fun to wear to any picnic or camping but do you know? They have their own benefits as well. This shirt allows you to have a classy and chic look and also keeps your body safe from sun damage, wind damage, and even rain damage up to some extent. It also gives your body a shade from the sun and is a fun way to express your love for camping. While this shirt may be extremely funny, you need to keep in mind that the slogan should not offend anyone near you, around you, or close to you! 


Gone Camping Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - Outdoors Thrill

10. Ok I Have Had Enough Of This I’m Going to Camping Shirt

This hat is a perfect camping gift for dad. Dad is usually the aggressive, cry baby type, and giving them this hat will definitely show how they feel. They are almost giving up nature but still not giving up and working things out nature is shown through this hat. So gift them and let them show their feelings.

This fabric shirt is really cool; it is very comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin. You can wear it with a loose pair of shorts and some baggy pants or can dress up a bit in a suit or casual attire and wear slay with a shirt.

Tee's are stylish and go with almost every outfit. This shirt goes with everything and every hairstyle as well. This cool shirt can be worn by dads too, to show their enthusiasm while going out to the beach with their little kids. It is perfect to get shade from the sun and to protect body from getting damaged by sunlight. The main disadvantage of a shirt is that it can make you feel suffocated sometimes. If you wear it for a longer period then this can cause too much stress on your body. This shirt is great but can block all perspiration from the body and can cause the body to sweat especially while doing an outdoors activity such as camping. 


Camping Trip Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

11. I Need A 6 Month Camping Trip… Twice A Year Shirt

Your guy works a lot to earn bread for the home or even if you are someone who goes to work this shirt is perfect for you and can also be a best camping gift for him. This slogan is perfect to show your frustration while working and telling others by wearing a shirt that you are done and need a 6 month camping vacation, twice a year.

It is a soft or flat shirt that usually has a quirky message. These are perfect for your stylish look and can be worn for adventure or on a normal day. They are perfect for summers to save body from sun rays and for winters to protect from the cold wind.

The shirt is great as it adds style to your wardrobe. Then it can easily allow you to escape from picking the perfect outfit, since all you have to do is pop on this shirt, pair it with some jeans and everyone will love it. They also make you feel unique and are perfect for camping outside. They also save your body from rays of sunlight. They can be inappropriate to wear to some places and even though they are normal. But, they can become offensive for some political, religious, or other ideologies. You cannot wear this shirt to a formal meeting, but then again, it isn't like your camping fanatic friend will be taking meetings while being on a camping trip. 


Real Freedom Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

12. Real Freedom Lies In Wildness Shirt

Real freedom lies in wilderness, which is another great camping gift. Shirts are part of almost every adventurous trip and this shirt is amazing to describe camping. The slogan of this shirt clearly states that in camping there is freedom, like you can live easily in the open air, however you like, fully with freedom.

It is a shaped tee covering the body and protects it from the harsh rays of the sun that one may encounter while camping. These are a perfect fashion item and can also be part of your camping uniform. They are very comfortable to wear and also have a very strong color. You can wear these with a dungaree or cowboy dress or even with normal jeans or shorts. 

These shirts are stylish and perfect for anywhere especially if we talk about the beach or camping. They keep your temperature steady and protect the body from outside elements such as dirt, rain, snow, and more. They also save you from sunburn and best of all, due to its colour even if they get dirty, you can hardly tell! Even though there is no solid evidence and there is a great chance that it will not happen, if you wear this shirt to a formal occasion, it might not be the best idea as it is meant for casual dressing.  


Camp Solver Unisex T-Shirt - Outdoors Thrill

13. If Camping Can’t Fix It… It’s A Very Serious Problem Shirt

Girls are known to be a magnet for problems. They get almost every problem in the world like they stress out real quick, their favorite brands and products go out of stock and the list goes on. This “If camping can’t fix it… It’s a very serious problem” slogan can be the perfect camping gift for her. You can tease your girl in a fun way by giving her this gift for Christmas.

A shirt is a simple fabric that has sleeves and a body. It has a really soft and thin fabric. It is really comfortable to wear. The shirt can be worn under anything and you can even wear it on top of a collar shirt as style. They are perfect for casual events and these shirts are really fun due to the slogans and graphics on them.

Want to get something trendy and cool this time for camping? Well, this shirt is really sporty and functional. If you want to wear it to the mall, you can do that. If you want to wear it to your friend’s house, you can do it anywhere with a casual setting or even for sudden grocery runs, you can wear this amazing top and slay the look. Unfortunately, you cannot wear this shirt to your meetings with the boss or anywhere formal. This shirt cannot be worn somewhere where you need to be a bit presentable as it is more of a homey look than a professional type of look. And, it can easily get wrinkled so it is perfect for camping or travel but for an office meeting? Not really.


Thought Provoking & Funny Camping Mugs 

14. A Bonfire Is Basically Just A Nightclub In The Mountains Mug

Nightclubs are something that everyone enjoys. They are the fun party everyone looks to attend on a Friday night to let loose. For the camping lovers, their nightclub is their camp. The lowlights of a nightclub are the perfect bonfire shimmering under the moonlight with marshmallows and drinks. This is the best camping gift and fun camping gift for people who love their nightlife and bonfire at a mountain in a camp.

These mugs are really amazing; they have the perfect size and shape. The colors of the slogans printed on them are really sharp and vibrant. These can be used for making cakes, for gardening small plants in the rooms, or even as candle holders. They are easy to carry when going out whether to a camp or anywhere.

A bonfire is basically just a nightclub in the mountain mug that is perfect for coffee and tea drinkers during camping. This mug is perfect for both hot and cold beverages and can also be put in the microwave. This amazing mug will not hold flavors from your coffee, this way you can easily wash this mug with the water and then add in other liquids and use it easily during your camp. There are not many disadvantages of using a bonfire as it is basically just a nightclub in the mountain mug. The main con of using this type of mug is that it can easily crack or break and can also sometimes chip. Then if you take this mug in a really huge size and add very little liquid to drink then it will not keep your beverage hot for a long time. So, select your mug size wisely.


15. Stress is Caused By Not Camping Enough Mug

This one can fall in the cute camping gifts category. This cute little mug with the slogan of “Stress I caused by not camping enough” is incredibly cute and a fun way to describe your stress. Even though, on the surface, it is a normal saying, it might be what your camping lovers think in reality. Who knows? So give this one and see their reactions.

A mug is simply a container with a handle in which you drink liquids. This mug keeps the liquid warm for a really long time and is really strong. This mug can be used for drinking coffee, juices, milk, or any liquid you like. They are versatile and can also be used for decorative purposes.

These mugs are cute, perfect for camping, and even if you are not camping. These mugs can hold the temperature of the beverage for a long time and are a perfect gift. If you are a camping lover or know someone, they would definitely love these mugs to be on their kitchen shelves or their dressing. Well, these mugs are not bulletproof. Stressing I caused by not camping enough mugs have a great material but it can chip or break easily. So you have to take extra care of the mugs. Then if you accidentally bang it with something hard, it can also crack the surface of the mugs, so be careful.


16. It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses Their Wiener Mug

This quirky camping gift is quite funny. The slogan with two people cooking wieners makes it too real on a mug. You can use this mug to gift someone in a fun way that always loses their weiner during cooking or camping. Wiener in this context is a sausage that you put on a stick and roast in the campfire and if someone loses it well all the games are over, no food for them!

It is a large cup with a handle and is without a saucer. These mugs are really solid, come in multiple colors, and can be used as a container for pens, pencils, brushes, and more, and can also be used for drinking coffee, tea, or other liquids.

Mugs are a perfect souvenir when going somewhere. They are something that describes the place easily with the prints on them. Mugs are quite versatile products as they can be used for many things. They keep liquid temperature to optimum and keep the liquid safe. The main problem that comes with these is that they can easily break. Even if you accidentally hit them lightly with something they can easily get a crack or can even chip. Then if you add very little liquid in the mug and leave it for some time then it will cool down really fast.


Must Have Camping Sweatshirts 

17. I’m Not Always Grumpy… Sometimes I’m Camping Sweatshirt 

This sweatshirt with the tagline “I’m not always grumpy…sometimes I’m camping” is perfect for RV owners. This RV camping gift is something they can put on when they are going to go for a camping trip to explain their excitement! 

The hoodie features a humorous message that will touch the heart of any and all camping lovers. It is great for the winters, especially when it is chilly out. This hoodie is what will keep you or your loved ones warm! The fabric does not allow cold to pass through it which is an added bonus.

This sweatshirt will not only keep you warm, but it will also make all the people around you laugh. Now the people won't be laughing at you, but with you. Not only that, but they are also chic and fashionable. This is a trending product which everyone wants to get their hands on - that is for sure! As cool as this sweatshirt is, one thing to remember is that it can make you feel super warm, so if you are gifting this feature piece to someone who lives in a hot area, why not opt for a teeshirt or something thinner instead.  


18. This Job Thing Sure Is Messing Up My Camping Career Sweatshirts

Career is a really important aspect of life and so are your own hobbies. This camping gift for men is a perfect way to show how the job is taking up their time and messing up with their hobbies. You can give this sweatshirt to someone who is working a lot and does not have much time.

Sweatshirts are a casual piece of clothing you can wear to the supermarket while running errands, to the gym, and best of all - while camping. If you get this piece, you are definitely in for a laugh as well as someone who is going to receive this gift. Bring a smile to your camp friends face with this super warm yet fashionable sweatshirt. 

The options are endless and once you get this sweatshirt, the person who receives it can wear it anytime anywhere. This sweatshirt with the slogan “This job thing sure is messing up my camping career” is perfect for men or even women, if they love camping. This job thing sure is messing up my camping career decal is a really great gift for someone. It has enormous benefits but with them lay a few disadvantages such as, it can get super warm in it and the fabric may not suit everyone so if the person is camping in a warmer area, opt for a t-shirt with the same slogan instead. 


Camping Therapy Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

19. I Don’t Need Therapy… I Just Need To Go Camping Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are already cool and amazing and with such tag lines on them, they go to another level. This sweatshirt simply means that I need a huge break from this routine, please! I don’t need your therapy but an amazing adventurous trip to a campsite would steer out all the stress and even depression from my body.

They are perfect to wear somewhere casual. These sweatshirts can be worn for grocery runs or for adventures with friends. These are really high quality and their material is really soft. The dye of the fabric is not allergic to and all these are very comfortable to wear.

These sweatshirts are just the go to clothing that we all love a little too much. The sweatshirts absorb perspiration really fast and also evaporates it quickly too. It is super simple and convenient. If you go camping and look for comfortable clothing then there is nothing better than a sweatshirt. You can only wear it for casual activities where you can be yourself and can stay in your bed easily. But if you are somewhere, where you need to be formal, and then abort the mission to wear the sweatshirt at all costs.


Nature Call Unisex Hoodie - Outdoors Thrill

20. Nature Calling And I Must Go! Sweatshirt

Everyone knows that gifts, camping, and fun all go together. The Same is the case with this sweatshirt! It is a double meaning shirt which means that either you want to go to the washroom or you want to go camping but the graphics supporting this slogan, says it all. So have some fun with the words!

The Sweatshirt is a product that is worn almost every day. It is a bit thicker than the normal tee-shirt and is usually full sleeved. You can wear these top quality and comfy sweatshirts in your home. While going out for a run or even with your friends to the mall or on top of your beach suit.

It is the perfect gift you can give for Christmas as it provides perfect insulation and is a great garment that provides both a sporty and casual look. You know, you can also wear a sweatshirt in some formal gatherings. For example, if you are going to a friend’s reunion in college, you can wear a collar shirt underneath and on top wear a sweatshirt in neutral colors like blue, gray, or black and enjoy! You cannot wear it to your formal meeting with the boss or to a professional meeting. You can only put it on if you are going to meet your in-laws and that too second or third time. Then unless the fabric is thin, you cannot wear a sweatshirt usually in summers.


Which Camping Gift is Your Favorite?

This was our take on the amazing and top 20 best camping gifts for camping lovers. You can get these slogans on any product you love. These camping gear gifts are amazing and will be a perfect gift this Christmas for the camping lovers. They are high quality, go with everything, can be styled easily, and are really fun and cool. The slogans are sure to give your family, friends, and others around you a great laugh and will bring you all closer a bit more. So, get yours now online and enjoy the holidays!

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